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Mechanical Assembly Workshop

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Machinery Manufacturing Sakarya
Marble Cutting Machine


Machinery is a production resource that should be taken seriously and can cause you great financial damage if ignored. Thanks to the machines, you can control your production speed, quality and continuity.
Thanks to our machinery service, you can keep your production rate at a constant value in your company. With us, you can protect against unwanted mechanical failures. We are at your service 24/7 with our support services for any malfunctions that may occur in your machines and devices.


We offer services such as machine design, production and installation in accordance with the desired scenario. With the experience we have gained in the sector, we provide support with our expert team for uninterrupted production. We provide services such as assembly, technical support and maintenance of completed products to our valued customers.
In this way, your machines can continue their work without interruption during production. If you need help in machine design, production and installation, you can contact Mercan Automation Machinery Engineering.

Marble Block Cutting Machine
Conveyor Manufacturing


Our machines, whose production is completed, are ready to complete the assembly and installation services. It is made ready for your service as soon as possible with the necessary speed and meticulousness.

Mechanical Manufacturing Sakarya


We are at your service with our 24/7 support service to ensure that production is not interrupted and losses are minimized.

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