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Machine Automation

Always Determined

Machine automation is the set of software and hardware that enables machines to perform some functions automatically. In these systems, which are organized using controllers and PLCs, the conditions specified in the software and the actions that must be taken as a result of these conditions are brought to real life.
Thanks to machine automation, companies' expenses can be greatly reduced. Thanks to these systems, the required manpower and responsibilities are reduced. Occupational safety can be increased to the highest level. With automation systems that are regularly maintained and updated, companies begin to switch to efficient and stable production for a long time. You too can have the most innovative and stable automation systems with Mercan Automation. You can contact us immediately, get information and move your company to the future.

Process Automation

Process automation appears in every field of industry along with developing technology. Especially businesses with important machines and systems consisting of many machines can take their companies to the next level with process automation.
As Mercan Otomasyon, we are proud to offer the most efficient process line to your company. With the experience we have gained in the sector, we create modern automation systems and ensure that your company has a surplus of workforce. We can integrate our systems into all kinds of sectors and create customer satisfaction-oriented projects with our experienced team.

Machinery Process Automation Sakarya
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