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Mekanik İmalat


It was established in 2017 to provide automation solutions at the Industry 4.0 level and serves with its experienced staff and experience from past to present.

It offers quality solutions to turnkey projects with its project and sales team in its 500 m² mechanical workshop in addition to its 100 m² technical office.

Mercan Otomasyon, which has the principle of honest and quality service, will gladly continue to support you in your domestic and international projects.

our vision

Our biggest goal is to progress by adhering to our philosophy and principles, and to place the Mercan brand at the top level of the industry by catching up with technological developments. For this purpose, we constantly follow new developments, expand our service scale, and make major investments at home and abroad. One day, we will definitely have a say in the global arena and we will carry the Mercan Otomasyon brand forward with the support of our valued customers.

Mekanik Atölye

Our Mission

Our aim is to fulfill the project given to us in the field of automation and machine production in the best possible way and to produce quality products that our customers can use for many years. We work hard as the entire Mercan family on this path, and we never compromise on our quality standards as we grow and develop. Thus, we are able to constantly keep the customer satisfaction standards that we pride ourselves on at the highest level.

Saha Montajı Otomasyon

Hakkımızda Daha Fazlası

Reliable & Fast Solutions

As Mercan Otomasyon, we continue our services successfully and offer the most innovative solutions to our customers. We entered the automation industry by providing field installation and technical support, and we have continuously progressed in this sector and managed to reach our current position. We currently provide technical support, maintenance and installation services both in the automation sector and in the field of machinery manufacturing. At the same time, we are active in the field of turnkey automation projects, electrical panel manufacturing and UPS, regulator and rectifier projects.
Mercan Automation maintains the philosophy it has adhered to since the first day and always prioritizes providing quality service to its customers. So much so that we continue our R&D research with our team without slowing down, make the best use of our experience, and bring you the best service with quality products, taking your requests into consideration. Thus, it continues to leave happy faces behind.
While in the past we were a brand that only offered field installation and maintenance services, we are now able to undertake giant projects. Our biggest goal is to achieve better positions thanks to our experienced and dedicated team who has worked in the industry for decades. You, our valued customers, can be sure that we will never compromise on quality and that you can use Mercan automation quality for many years. We are taking firm steps towards the future together; We do not let down anyone who chooses us with our innovative, fast and result-guaranteed solutions.

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