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Elektrik Pano İmalatı

Electrical panels are the structure that forms the backbone of the industrial sector and ensures the operation of all machines and even the entire factory. There are many details that need to be taken into consideration in electrical panel manufacturing and installation. By having a solid electrical infrastructure, companies can experience an uninterrupted business process and earn profits. Otherwise, they will encounter many problems and will have to allocate a significant budget for malfunctions and repairs. You can contact us for automation and electrical panels suitable for your projects.


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Spare Parts-Product Supply

As Mercan Automation, we produce automation-electrical panels with high efficiency. In addition, we ensure that everyone can access advantageous panels and materials at affordable prices and quality. We support our valuable companies operating in our industry and enable them to develop their factories with state-of-the-art products with our services. By choosing Mercan Automation, you can immediately create a solid and reliable electrical infrastructure for your company and continue your services at full speed.

Automation Panel Manufacturing
Electrical Automation Panel
Drive Inverter
Siemens Automation Control Panel

Electrical Panel Types

Every business has different needs. In particular, the structure of the factories, the materials they produce and the machines they contain can determine the types of electrical panels they will choose. When we say electrical panel types, we can think of many different products such as power distribution panels, main panel, compensation panels, secondary panels and machine control panels.
You can also apply to Mercan Automation and Power Systems by determining your needs. We help you with all types of electrical panels and eliminate your company's deficiencies. We prepare your company for the future with quality workmanship and the most stable working products. Determine which panel type you need and benefit from our privileges by contacting us through our website.

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